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We were trying to decide on a restaurant in South Melbourne to meet a friend recently. We were both familiar with the area and wanted to choose a place that neither of us had been before. We did some quick research online and came up with Stokers.

Stokers is known for its pancakes and its original restaurant in Ivanhoe. Its South Melbourne restaurant is a little newer (I would guess it opened within the last few years). It still serves sweet pancakes, but also burgers and other savoury items. The restaurant is open almost all day, serving the breakfast crowd, lunch crowd, dinner crowd, and late night crowd (it closes at midnight most nights!).

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The restaurant itself is nestled into the shopping strip on Clarendon Street, and it set among a mix of other restaurants and small businesses. There is some seating outside, but also more seating inside – take your pick, communal table, café table or hi-stools!

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The two of us ordered two burgers (and drinks) for our main courses, and had a pancakes to share for dessert. The author had the beef burger, and our friend had the fish burger. The beef burger was great – good quality wagyu which was lean, fresh salad and toasty bread. It was served with a side of deep fried crepe/pancake chips which were delicious. They probably aren’t healthy, but don’t seem as filling or heavy as regular chips. Our friend gave a good review of the fish burger, which featured a rockling fillet.

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As we finished our drinks (including a very pretty, and tasty flat white, see below), and then decided to fit in a single dessert of spiced apple pancakes. The pancake was almost like a crepe, and the apple filling was sweet and well spiced (with cinnamon). The pancakes went very well when mixed with the other ingredients of salted caramel, nuts (walnuts and almonds) and of course, ice cream.

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We finished our meal highly satisfied and enjoyed the café style atmosphere until around 9 -10pm in the evening (and didn’t need to worry about closing time!) without any fuss. The wait staff were extremely friendly and helpful which topped off a good experience!

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