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Everyone loves ice-cream right? Well, even for those who don’t get excited over ice-cream, I firmly believe that Italian style gelato will persuade you!

A fantastic store who is producing some great gelato is Pidapipo. There are two stores in Melbourne – one in Carlton and one in Windsor. This review is my experience of visiting the Windsor store for the first time to buy some take-away gelato for home.

Although there is a neon (pink) sign which makes it stand out, simply look for the crowd of people that stretches onto the street, as well as people taking photos of the place (like I was doing!).

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Inside the store, the menu dominates the right hand wall and features some traditional flavours such as Baci (choc/hazelnut) and pistachio, as well some more original flavours involving salted caramel, peanut butter and crumbled cookies.

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The preparation area looks very well maintained and organised – just behind the counter, where traditional looking vats of gelato are waiting to be served and scooped.

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Although I am personally not a fan, I think that many people would be excited at the prospect of a Nutella fountain. Well for those people, all their dreams come true at Pidapipo. They offer a nutella swirl on all icecreams, which simply involves dipping the cone or cup under the fountain to top your gelato with hot Nutella!

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As mentioned, on my first visit I got take-away, so unfortunately I do not have a glamorous ice-cream shot to share. However, it is worth noticing the package. They do a good job to wrap the packaging sealed tight (to stop spillage and to keep the gelato cold).

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Opening the package was a treat!

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And the taste was amazing! We ordered salted caramel and pistachio. The pistachio was smooth in texture and tasted creamy, with a good dose of the pistachio flavour (and finely crushed nuts). The salted caramel was also good with a strong caramel flavour which is also a little bitter – that being said the gelato itself was a similar smooth and creamy texture as the pistachio.

All in all its fantastic gelato / ice-cream. If you happen to be up the Windsor end of Chapel Street then you must drop by! Since my first visit I have been back many times and can also vouch for a range of other flavours too (bacio and banoffee as examples!)

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